Rock'n'roll comics? Vampire rock'n'roll? Vaudou ligne claire? There's no difference, as you'll soon find out in the decadent and psychedelic world of Jyrki 69!

Though a graphic punk rock artist and an underground cult comics creator ever since the mid 80's, Jyrki Linnankivi is best known as Jyrki 69, the singer and mastermind of The 69 Eyes. While Zombie Love offers an exclusive peek into the esoteric mythology of the world famous Helsinki Vampire, it is first and foremost a long-overdue retrospective of his stunning vision of comics, rock'n'roll vampires, horror and sci-fi movies - Goths, glam punks and fetish freaks in the spirit of the 80's Helsinki underground rock scene. For the first time, this album collects the gems of his graphic ART - some unpublished, some originally seen in obscure Finnish fanzines and underground comic books more than a decade ago.

Here you can find out where it all started and how it still rocks. You get to read rare comics from obscure fanzines and masterpieces from the times past. But that's not all. Jyrki has never really abandoned his love for drawing, so you'll also see some new works and even previously unpublished stuff! Zombie Love is the Lizard King of goth'n'roll comics!

There is a bloodline in the darker annals of pop culture - from The Doors, The Lords of the New Church, The Cramps to The 69 Eyes - and nowhere it's more visible than on these pages. Like rock'n'roll itself, this stuff never gets old. All vintage vampire values and classic rock ethics, these unholy visions remain forever fresh. From the graveyard behind the Bat Cave into the dark continent of Voodoo - it's all Framed In Blood!

With English translations.

Zombie Love: Vampires, Ghosts and the 69 Eyes
The Art and Comics of Jyrki 69.

ISBN-13: 978-952-99749-1-7
ISBN-10: 952-99749-1-4


Size B5 (173 x 250 mm). 64 b/w pages, color softcover. Includes a 14-page in-depth interview by Toni Jerrman w/ rare photos and flyers. Comics are in English and Finnish (with translations). Weight appr. 210 g.

Jyrki 69 on Zombie Love [video]


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